My name is Claire Cummings, and I’m a textile designer based in Melbourne, with a thing for cats, plants and health food.

Growing up I moved around Victoria a lot, living everywhere from the oceanside, to outer suburbia, to the leafy inner eastern suburbs. Currently nestled in the colourful inner northern ‘burbs, I lead a transformative design practice that is inspired by my continually evolving life.

After crafting from a very young age with my mother and grandmother, this ballet-dancer-turned-musician-turned- designer took the leap and enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) at RMIT University. I then went on to attain my degree with distinction, and now I spend my time my running my own shop in Fitzroy, Creatrix Melbourne, working on my label Hangin’ Around, weaving for exhibitions, teaching mindfulness workshops, playing music, and doing all sorts of freelance work. When I’m not doing yoga, playing video games, binge watching tv or going op-shopping, I’m crafting away!

My design vision is to bring people together and create positive change through engaging, playful design. To be as kind as possible to the earth and those on it, and to always keep my designs fresh, fun, and loveable. I like to approach things with a sense of play, and I have a deep desire to contribute positive, ethically made products to the fashion and homewares markets. I am inspired by alternative culture, humour, technology, healthy lifestyles, positivity, crystals, food, plants, animals, tactility and nostalgia.

Suss out some of my work here!