Purr was a collection that responded to a brief that asked, ‘in the near future, Melbourne’s urban population will double in size, yet will have to fit into already existing architecture. How will we as textile designers need to respond to these changes?’.
My project examined the idea that with increased apartment living and other similar circumstances, less and less people will be able to own pets. Without these companions that have been proven to improve our mental health, how can the comforting feelings of having a pet (in this case, cats) be recreated in the home in the absence of the real thing?

image 1: digital print onto bamboo flannel
image 2: bamboo velvet cat cushion. when button inside right ear is pressed, a speaker plays back a recording of a cat purring
image 3: handwoven tapestry using recycled cotton, hand dyed wool, vintage acrylic and recycled wooden dowel
image 4: knitted soft toy with embroidery details, stuff with recycled PET stuffing
image 5: handwoven tapestry made with wool/alpaca/linen blend, recycled cotton, soysilk tops and a recycled wooden dowel
image 6: bamboo/organic cotton fleece
image 7: felted wool