RMIT B.A. (Textile Design) graduate collection

soft_wares is a collection that considers how textiles can make people happy. Taking a multisensory approach, the range reflects how modern day internet culture has helped facilitate positivity movements, created spaces for female empowerment, and enabled the spread of the self-care movement.

An extension of out of ctrl, this project continues with a tongue-in-cheek response to internet culture, this time looking through the ironic exterior to expose the genuine love and support that can be bred through online communities.

Defining the aesthetic approach to the collection are conversational, graphic motifs that mix with sweet pastel tones to create a playful, positive mood. The brighter colours are grounded with navy and highlighted with copper, while adventurous holographics give the palette an extra dimension.

A diverse range of techniques were used to explore these themes, with processes spanning illustration, paper cutting, weaving, tapestry, digital print, jacquard knit, digital embroidery, aromatherapy infusion and integrated audio. Hand generated artworks and slow design techniques create an engaging contrast to the digital processes used and the technology-centred themes.

image 3: sandalwood scented wool jacquard knit
image 4: rose scented modal cashmere scarf, feat. papercut smartphone print
image 8: embroidered patch – scanning QR code takes user to curated mood-based playlist
image 12-15: handwoven mohair, organic wool and copper viscose tapestries, with holographic vinyl over recycled wooden dowels
image 16: digitally embroidered smartphone motif using metallic and glow in the dark threads
image 17: peppermint scented digitally embroidered tee
image 19: handwoven holographic vinyl pouch
image 22-23: pouches using digitally printed organic cotton
image 24-25: handwoven wool and cashmere waffle weave throw, jasmine scented
image 26-27: handwoven wool supplementary weft cushion, lavender scented
image 28-29: digital print onto bamboo velvet, lavender scented
image 30-31: digital print onto cotton velvet, with handpainted metallic highlights. pressing three of the different laptop hearts activates a speaker inside that plays back three different messages of support and positivity, read aloud by the text-to-speech program
image 32-33: digital print onto organic cotton, scanning each QR code takes the user to a different mood-based playlist
image 34: jacquard knit
image credit: James Whiting